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Individuals who are newer to their leadership roles may be constantly looking for sources of inspiration. Whether those sources come in the shape of blogs on the internet, commercials, or advertisements, words of encouragement and inspiring acts can motivate people to devote time and effort into achieving their goals. That is why an unlikely source of inspiration leaders should look toward are superheroes. More specifically, Batman.

The Caped Crusader is known as one of the most influential superheroes in the comic book world, as well as the film industry. His portrayal as a strong, independent, intelligent individual is often overlooked due to the fact that he, like us, is human. Batman provides a number of practical lessons that leaders can draw inspiration from, and apply to real-life situations.

You Are Human

As stated before, the Dark Knight is a human being, unlike most other superheroes. He is able to make mistakes and be limited by his lack of superpowers. Understand that you, as a leader, are bound to make mistakes here and there. Learn from them, and continue on your path toward success.

Technology is an Asset

Batman’s utility belt full of useful gadgets and pieces of technology is what puts him two steps ahead of criminals. To stay two steps ahead of your competition, utilize all of the latest forms of technology at your expense, without exceeding your budget of course. Batman could only contain so much within his belt, so be smart with what pieces of technology you plan to invest in. Certain products can be enormous assets when applied to sales, advertising, and business growth.

Dress for the Occasion

Bruce Wayne, the man behind the mask, was able to maintain his alias thanks to his intelligence when it came to dressing appropriately. While fighting crime, he did not want to give his identity away. But, during his time spent at dinner parties and charity events, he was the well-dressed Mr. Wayne. Know when and where it is appropriate to dress professionally or casually. Previous studies have shown that first impressions where an individual was dressed well lead to a higher income down the road.

Know Your Enemies

Batman studied his enemies carefully, learning everything he could about them. This relates strongly to the need to study your competitors, trends within your industry, and the tactics used that work best in obtaining customers (i.e. arresting criminals). It is crucial if you wish to keep up with other businesses and know what your target audience is looking for. You will have a better understanding of how those who threaten you operate.