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We are living in a world dominated by technology. There is no denying that. With the sheer amount of people across the globe that own smartphones and tablets, it is extremely important for businesses to take advantage of this, and market themselves accordingly, especially considering the fact that mobile marketing is expected to make up 72% of all advertising in the United States by 2019.

You may think that mobile advertising is catered to specific businesses, but that mindset will only limit you in terms of the number of customers you can reach. Yelp, Zappos, and Domino’s Pizza may come to mind when thinking of the most successful apps, but nearly every industry can benefit from mobile advertising in some way. Be smart with your marketing strategies, and understand what works best. Catering to an audience through mobile platforms can differ greatly than most traditional methods.

One of the first things to consider is the latest ability to market based on specific locations. A newer feature in the world of marketing, businesses are now able to target nearby individuals upon passing their storefront, or simply being within a few miles of their building. With how often individuals are using their phones, the data available for marketers is almost overwhelming. Failing to take advantage of this however, will almost certainly guarantee that your company stay one step behind your competitors.

Text message marketing, while somewhat controversial, is a strategy used by many businesses to tap into the flourishing mobile market. The controversy stems from the idea of spamming your customers with unwanted text messages. Though this certainly can be a nuisance, utilizing text marketing effectively can actually benefit your business. For example, after a customer makes a purchase through your company’s app, website, or in person, program a text to be sent out a few minutes later asking them to rate their experience. This shows that you care about your clientele’s feedback, and gives you potential reasons to improve.

QR codes are another aspect of mobile marketing that have become immensely popular in recent years. Through an app that is able to read these digital barcodes, customers can scan your business’s QR code and be immediately directed to your website, a download link for your app, or a specific social media campaign you may be running at the moment, all with the simplicity of using their smartphones.

Mobile marketing is not merely limited to the examples I’ve used above. As an aspect of marketing, creativity is key, and the opportunities are endless through mobile devices. If you want to maintain exposure and relevancy as a business, be sure to take advantage of the mobile world available at your fingertips.