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William NakulskiMany of the most successful entrepreneurs today started out in standard positions across a variety of industries that nearly anyone can enter with little to no experience. Warren Buffett, for example, was a newspaper boy throughout his childhood, Michael Bloomberg a parking lot attendant, and Oprah Winfrey a grocery store clerk. While these may not be the most impressive jobs, they served as platforms for these individuals to base their entrepreneurial efforts off of, inspiring them to achieve more.

Age should never deter you from starting a business or doing what you want to do. Even if you’re unsure as to what it is exactly that you’d like to do, there are several jobs that could kickstart your entrepreneurial spirits, and perhaps open doors for you that you may have never known existed.

Social Media Marketing

Given the fact that nearly every teenager today has a Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account, the title of ‘social media marketer’ should be a no-brainer for young entrepreneurs looking to break into the business world. Teenagers and younger individuals have been exposed to social media at a much younger age than their preceding generations, thus making them assets in the tech world. They know what the latest trends are, how to properly engage crowds of their age, and how to tweak their strategies accordingly.

Quick-Serve Restaurants

A growing trend in the food industry, quick-serve restaurants and smaller culinary businesses are great fields to enter for those looking to start their own company, and who may be passionate about food in general. With this, you are able to develop flexible hours, a low-demand for goods and services through stationary or mobile locations, and freedom of design.


Think of how big Etsy is today. This e-commerce website that sells handmade and vintage items from all over the world is a goldmine for aspiring craftsmen and women who want to showcase their products. No matter if you make jewelry, paintings, sculptures, or clothing, getting your product out there could lead to a surge in sales, and the need to start your own company website.

Tech Consultant

Similar to social media marketing, teenagers and young adults today are much more tech savvy than they were generations ago. Advertise your tech services on careers sites, and focus on businesses looking for help in this field. From computers, to application development, to coding, whatever aspect of the tech world you may be good at, it is most likely seen an enormous asset by companies all over the world.