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The startup world is a hectic, unpredictable realm of success and failure which entrepreneurs are all too familiar with. It is an uphill climb throughout nearly the entire process, but once success is achieved, it is one of the most rewarding fields in business. The question then becomes that of your personal happiness. Proper balance and having everything in moderation is the key to life, health and happiness. This can also be applied to business.

Now that you have reached the top, are you as happy as you expected to be, or is there something missing? Did you sacrifice too much time away from family in order to achieve your success? Balance is key, and you must carefully choose how your time is spent. You can make all the money you desire. However, if there is ultimately no one to share that wealth or success with, or you sacrificed too much to achieve your goals, you may still have failed at something more important, and that is seeing the big picture and the balance of life. Is there a sense of fulfillment in your life? In order to confidently answer these questions, consider any number of the following tactics that can help you achieve serenity without taking time away from your professional endeavors.

Go outside

An extremely popular tactic in clearing one’s mind, getting out of the office is a simple, yet extremely effective strategy in helping you reaffirm all that you have achieved in the office. Though your first few years as a startup company are bound to busy, allowing very little time to be spent away from work, the achievement of being able to travel and take as much time off as you’d like is a testimony to what you have done, and how far your business has come.

Never put family on the back burner

Everyone understands the difficulties that come with balancing your work and personal life, but few recognize when they are giving too much attention to the former. Spending time with family and loved ones is perhaps the most fulfilling activity you can take part in, and allowing work to get in the way of that is sure to lower levels of happiness, even if it does so subconsciously. Developing daily activities with family members is a great way to help you understand the importance of time spent together, and will lead to you cherishing these moments. Very rarely will you choose work over them after doing so. Prioritize your loved ones, and the rest will fall in place.

Enjoy your coworkers

Many people are under the impression that loving who you work with is not important, and plays a very small role in your personal success. However, enjoying who you work with for the people they are can have endless benefits. Aside from a boost in mood, the positive interactions between you and your employees can directly improve their work ethic, and motivate them to go above and beyond. Outside of the office, finding customers who truly value your business and are a pleasure to work with is another great way to find fulfillment in your company.

Donate your time

Once you have reached a successful point in your business at which your schedule becomes much more flexible, use this time to make yourself available to those who need you. Maintain an open line of communication with your employees, volunteer, host networking events, or accept invitations to talk about your business at local forums. These are just some meaningful activities you can take part in that can add an enormous sense of achievement, fulfillment, and happiness.

Control your time with discipline

On occasion events or distractions may take place which are simply not in line with your goals or the big picture. A pragmatic approach is to consider every opportunity and see if it simply brings you closer to or farther from your goal. Keep a calendar to decide and dictate where your time will be spent. If you don’t allocate and control your time, it will slip away into oblivion.  Decide how your time will be spent with all your life goals in mind, and then stick to it. This discipline can prove invaluable and solve a lot of problems new or inexperienced entrepreneurs may face.