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A philanthropic mindset can go a long way in the workplace. Aside from seeking opportunities to donate your business’s time and money to charitable organizations, a leader with a giving mentality can effectively inspire his or her team to be more productive, and strive to reach company goals. Below are some of the best qualities a leader can display in order to create a giving company culture.


An established sense of trust is a two way street. You as a manager should hire those that you feel you can trust to complete their jobs without problems, and work collaboratively alongside their peers. The next step in getting these employees to trust you is to train them so they are well suited for their respective positions, allowing them to grow and develop personal strategies for completing their tasks. Giving them space to work will show that you trust them, so they can in turn trust you as their manager. Micromanaging is a great way to do the exact opposite. This form of oversight shows that you feel the need to make every decision for your employees, creating tension between you and them.


Understanding your employees’ feelings and acting on them accordingly can truly make a difference in the productivity of your business. No matter how big the want or need of a staff member, make sure you are expressing interest in their satisfaction, even if the request is bigger than what you can handle. For example, employees may request more short breaks throughout the day, which you can grant and then facilitate to ensure no one is taking advantage of these brief moments of pause. On the other hand, an individual asking for a fairly expensive product to better his or her work should be listened to, regardless of your company’s budget. Keep this request in the back of your mind so that one day you can follow through, thus showing that you listened and cared, and eventually establishing a meaningful business relationship.


Once you have established a trustful, respectable company culture, your employees will look toward you to maintain that workplace mentality. Be sure you are not conflicting any ideologies that you have worked so hard to develop. Show your employees that you care about them, and constantly strive to improve their overall experiences within the business. Acting as a support system that your team can rely on is a great way to display loyalty to your company.


Being ethical and honest with your team is an enormous step in creating an effective workplace. Even more so, holding high standards in terms of expectations, hires, and more shows that your employees were chosen for a reason. Making a bad hire can display a sense of carelessness to those already employed at your company. Hire those that you feel will benefit your business the most without going against your moral compass. Once your staff members have displayed their abilities to complete their respective jobs, look for ways to promote them. This can also establish milestones that newer employees should strive to reach. Overall, keep ethics and morals in mind when developing your business. However happy an employee is can say a lot about how you manage your workplace.